Totally unrelated song, just a nice up-beat one for the day.

CD 8

You guys are amazing. It nice to know that someone other than your mother would notice if you dropped off the face of the earth, lol. Thanks for letting me know you care.

Today I felt good enough to venture into the city for my niece’s 3rd birthday. I was dreading going because this is the first car ride over 5 minutes since I started to feel better and I often get drowsy driving in the sunlight. But I managed getting there fine (after taking two wrong turns to a place I should know like the back of my hand…so I knew I was a bit off). As I’ve explained before, I’m not joyous about social events where there are going to be lots of people I don’t know so that was another part of my not wanting to be there. I didn’t have the energy to socialize with strangers but I’m hoping it came off as more shy than bitchy seeing as I have absolutely nothing against these people I’ve never met. I thought I’d freak out and leave an hour in, but I managed to stay 3.5hrs! Good on me!

The best part of the party I have to say was when I was starting to feel pretty crappy at one point, I was walking by my brother and he looked over, reached out his arm, and wrapped it around my shoulder, snuggling me up beside him. It was so friendly and affectionate and comforting that I had to hold back some tears. I think it was unconscious on his part, but it was the nicest 30 seconds of my morning.

Of course after the party my son ran over and threw up on me. What can you do. He bounced back after a few hours.

Of course I needed to get out after the party and chill out. My mummy was in over-concerned mother hen hover mode and she’d been trying to shove food in my mouth all day (not a good tactic to get me eating), so I needed an escape. I left my son with my parents (for fear that if I left town to drive back home he’d puke 5 minutes into the hour drive) for a couple of hours and I went to see some buddies. Normally, I go over to see my best friend N, but I’ve been friends with her hubby WAAAAAY longer and I pretty much never hang out with him anymore, which is sad. I guess I just felt like brotherly guy time today. I’ve always been a little sister to R and he knows how to deal with me better than most of my buddies, so I ran over to his house and he pampered me via letting me vent, making me laugh, distracting me with fantasy novels and chatting about the benefits of (you guessed it) smashing things! I’d been there for an hour before I realized that he had been feeding me most of the time too! He’s so smart and sneaky that I love him for it. He knows that you just need to sit down beside me with food and start eating and I’ll start picking at it and before I knew it he’d gotten 2 banana muffins in my tummy. I need to keep him around more often when I’m having trouble eating.

Just as I was leaving to go back to my parents and we were making plans to have a day in the spring when we get a bunch of old junk and a bunch of bats for a group bonding smash therapy session another of my buddies walked in. Now I’m so in love with E right now because you know what he said to me? “Why don’t you just come over to my house and knock down some walls?”. “REALLY!?”. “Really”. I didn’t know he was planning on tearing his house down right away but we made a smash date for this week (whichever day I can get a sitter) and I’m so excited that I could…put a sledge-hammer through a wall! And I guess now I can! My guys sure know the way to my heart. Sometimes I forget how much I love my friends, but they really are a great bunch of guys.

Then I went back to my mummy’s and played scrabble with my SIL and she brought me christmas in the form of a bag of hand-me-downs (did I mention that I get abnormally excited about hand-me-downs?). We got a chance to chat about my current TTC and fertility situation and  it was nice.

So over all, it’s the best day I’ve had in the last few weeks. Now only if my hubby could come home…