CD 4

Just a quick update. I am feeling a lot better today…which really means that I feel like ass, but it’s such an improvement that I can cheer for it. My mummy wouldn’t stop calling today to check in. Literally every 2 hours. I hate to admit that by four I told her that if she called again today I’d be in phone smashing mode again and that she’s no longer allowed to call more than twice a day. I used to be a sociable person! I used to love talking on the phone! When did I become this crazy hermit? I get being concerned and all, but I only have so much tolerance for being hovered over. Even when I know it’s just because she cares.

TMI warning

So, question. Do you think me going through this is the reason that my period is all off? I mean, it’s been so light that I figure it’ll have to last 3 times as long to get it all out. It’s so light that I could get away without changing my pad all day without leaking. I never have a heavy period, but this sure takes the cake.

On an unrelated note, I’m liking this song today.