Good times, come on, let’s celebrate!

CD1 (didn’t see that coming did you?)


Ya, that bitch arrived today and I’ve never been so happy to finally get my period in my life. I couldn’t stand the stress of being so damn late and having so many -HPT’s. Then there is that damn evil cycle of stress=increased insomnia= can’t eat= nausea= stress = you know. So, the penis may have been defeated this month but I just feel so happy to be able to start a new cycle and get moving on again. Of course the happy is just sitting in there at the moment because I’m feeling to awful to act on it. I nearly fainted this morning…and this afternoon trying to walk around the house and force feed myself (to be honest even the coffee didn’t really want to go down but I made it do my bidding damn it!) Lets just say after a week of feeling so assy, the look in the mirror this morning was a bit of a shocker (did I mention that I weight fluctuate super fast?). I could see ribs and lots of them (EWWW) and that collar bone I love so much was just a little too defined. Now that The Red Lady has arrived I’m hoping the lack of stress and improved mood will kill off my other problems…but I booked an appointment with my dr just incase  it hasn’t by then.

I really want to go try some more coffee seeing as I successfully stuffed a pb&j english muffin down my throat and I think the coffee may go down better on a non-empty pit but I’m afraid of it keeping me up more. Then again, can it really make a difference at this point? I’ll have to see.

But now I must crawl back into bed because I just don’t have the energy in me to sit here any longer.

p.s. I was so happy that the first thing I did was to make my way down to the litter box to clean it. Because we all know how exciting it is to scoop up cat crap!