CD 35 HPT –

How am I today? I’ll give you three guesses and the first 2 don’t count.

I feel like ass. I’m getting grumpier…almost past my “amusing myself” grumpy state and sinking right into curling up in bed and ignoring the entire universe. I’m almost at the point of letting Monster sit and watch movies all day, which is pretty bad seeing as I’ve previously been refered to as the “TV nazi” because I let him watch a bit of TV only after he gets up from his nap…at 5 or 6 in the evening. I can’t stand the sight of food right now which in itself make you feel pretty crappy, nauseous if you eat, nauseous of you don’t. I’m going on another bout of insomnia (I suffer off and on) so on an amazing night I’m at 6 hrs of sleep but getting closer between 3 and 4. Surprisingly I’m not feeling all that tired. At lease I still have something to read while I can’t get to sleep 😉 .

I think I’m morphing into Oscar. I may need to find myself a garbage can soon. How bad do you think I’d scare people if I snarked at them as they walked past my garbage can? you think anyone would call the police on the wacko in the can? I think Nasty Dan and I would get along real good right about now.

Have a nasty Day. 😉