CD 34.

I can’t bring myself to care about really anything today. Just a general feeling of mehh. And today of all days my phone wont stop ringing. I’ve along answered it for my mom once because she doesn’t stop calling otherwise but every time the phone rings I just cringe. Can’t you have an emotional migraine? I refuse anything to do with reality today and the only reason I haven’t unplugged my phones altogether is the expectation of my hubby calling. Come to think of it I should just call him and the unplug/ turn off my phones.

And my boobs hurt. Not a normal hurt. I can paw myself all I want and I’m fine, but for some reason every time Monster jumps on me it hurts. I don’t think he’s being extra rough.

Have you noticed that all -HPT’s and no Red Lady makes SLC a bitter girl. I shall retreat further away from reality now.