CD 33

That asshat still hasn’t made an appearance. Maybe it will come on friday like my chart seems to think it should. I just can’t agree with it.

The lovely ladies of my book club offered to change the location to my house tonight so that I could attend. I was so happy about this. I miss so many gatherations from Hubby working and I really missed seeing the girls ladies? maybe more accurate but I can’t call myself a lady so we’re sticking to girls. Tonight wasn’t a discussion night, just a gabfest. I had to laugh while we were talking about our lady times. I’m running acutely late now and another is runny over duty. I turned to her and asked her to stop hogging and give me my period back. Try saying that with a straight face, but I did. Or at least give me a +HPT. Make this stupid wait be productive.

I shouldn’t care about this so much. I should not be going crazy about not getting my period, but all this waiting is just that much longer before I can try again. I should just be thanking my lucky stars that I’ve got my health and a good life.