CD 32 ya, you read that right 3o frickin’2.  HPT –    ASSHAT!


Hubby has been gone a while and well, I’m starting to get lonely…if you know what I mean. So I’ve spent lots of time reading my new books. Elphaba, this is all your fault. I’m like I friggin’ addict. I was up untill nearly 4AM reading. I just can’t put these stupid books down and they are different enough from the show to keep you guessing about some stuff. And lets face it, this is the closest thing to action I’ll be getting any time soon. So I’m taking it in heaps. Hubby told me last night he was going farther north for more work. “I should be back for easter though”. Then he had to remind me that no, easter isn’t this month, and I just hadn’t caught the joke. My lack of sense of time means that holidays actually do sneak up on me like that so it would not have been too far-fetched to think it was coming.

Sorry girls, no song today. Eric is wondering where I’ve disappeared to.