WARNING! super cheesy…I’m assuming since I haven’t written it yet.

I know I’ve mentioned my friend D before. She’s my “forever friend” as I put it, or my “soul friend” as she used to put is. Now I think she just puts it “My nagging wife”. We’ve been friends since we were three and I don’t actually remember how we met, but she says I was riding my big plastic cabbage patch three-wheeler down the street (still trying to figure out where my mom was at this point) and it had rocks in the wheels so it made this awful racket where ever I went. I do however remember the bike.

Well, I just love this girl, but for the life of me I have no idea why we’re friends. If we met nowadays, we probably wouldn’t take the time to get to know each other to discover that we like each other deep down, because we have zip in common and, well, without knowing each others history and humour, she’d think I was annoying as hell, aaaand I’d probably think she was a bitch. Love you D 🙂 . But knowing her, I just can’t live without her and even though we don’t talk to each other and see each other as often as either would like, we will always be super close and be able to just jump right back in like we’d seen each other that same morning.

In Marie’s last post on indulgence, talking about girl time and parties it made me miss D. We’d always planned to live together after graduating, go on trips together, hang out all the time. But between the two of us, one or both had usually moved away for a length of time and of course I got married at 21 (putting some awkwardness on that living together bit, I guess we have to wait untill we’re senile old widows) and since we’re both a bit poooor, we can’t afford a vacation together not to mention the 3yr old tagalong that would limit a lot of options. So ya, our growing up together didn’t turn out like we’d expected, but when does it right?

As kids, we had our movies. Dirty dancing (there was never a time in my life that I did not think Patrick Swayze (spelling here?) was super hot (just not enough to spell his name right apparently) and when it was on we’d bolt across the ally in our bare feet to tape it at my house. Of course my dad would “accidentally” tape over it a week later because I’d watch it too much…and I have no idea why little kids would be obsessed with this movie. And then there was Beaches. I always saw D as the popular, crazy, dramatic, loud (ok, I was pretty loud too) one and therefore she was CC Bloom. So That left me as Hillary. I was the quieter of the two of us, but as we got older, we took turns with the  being crazy part. We may go our separate ways at times, but when the goings get tough, we go straight back home to each other. Did I mention that I love D? Ya, I get mushy about her at times. The first song is my love song for D, not my hubby. I’m still waiting for a daughter to pass her name to in true Hillary fashion.

Just incase you were wondering, D and I are amazing together. We are witty, hilarious, chalked full of sarcasm and spunk (even more so when we’re grumpy). My Hubby has been known to run the other direction when we’re together due to the overwhelming awesome of us. He compares us to Gilmore Girls because he can’t keep up with how fast we talk and doesn’t get half of our jokes. So I found a clip of me and D that happened to be on the internet.

And yes, I have been known to walk after people on occasion belting out “wind beneath my wings”, but I can’t remember if I’ve done this to her specifically. And my voice is actually worse than that, lol.