CD 30, temps going back down. The Red Lady shall be on her way.

Today was a day of differents for me.

With Hubby being gone and did I mention I have 3 cats? I needed to get someone to change the litter box for me so last night I gave my friend C a call, knowing that seeing as she’s beat me with a spatula if I did it myself she wouldn’t turn me down. I asked if she could stop by on her way home from church today and do it for me which brought up the “hey, you can come to church with me!, It’s ok, you don’t have to tell Hubby!” where I just about peed my pants laughing. See, I have this thing. I spent a lot of time trying to get him to go to church and I never wanted to go without him (unless it was regularly going and just couldn’t make it) because I wanted him to man up and be the religious leader of the house like he’s supposed to be. Not to mention the fact that I’m not a christian and he his (although not practicing). He would be SOOOOOO happy if I would just take Monster to church but not harass him into going. That doesn’t fly with me. So I kinda pulled out the stubbornness where I’d say “Are we going to church” and then just leave it when he’s say no. Now I don’t even bother anymore.

Well, I didn’t feel like going to church but I had no real good reason not to. I pulled out the “I’m just feeling awfully lazy and want to stay home”, which she “poo-pooed” of course but I didn’t think it was appropriate to pull out the “but I want to stay home and read my book based on a semi-erotic show where all the characters seem to be having sex with vampires”. That’s just not sunday talk, lol. Ok, I know the show is based on the book but it sounds funnier that way. So since I’d ran out of excused not to go (the service was at 11 so I could still sleep in) and I didn’t want to make her pull out the “You go to church and I’ll change your litter box” line seeing as I was getting childish lazy and I figured she might follow but then feel bad later. So I agreed. Also, when you’re hoping to be converted it’s kind of anti-productive to fight the ones trying.

This morning I got all churched up and took Monster to church and he was such a peach. Normally he gets way too excited when we enter the church (it’s the place where he has all his socializing other than pre-school d/t my weekly bible study and my MOPS being held there) but today he was so calm and sweet. Even played shy a bit for some reason that I couldn’t figure at the time…but I have since.

The service was good and you can’t find a friendlier church anywhere. But I still have one complaint. What happened to the music? I was raised in a fairly traditional church, and even though I wasn’t a believer, I have such a sentimental memory of hymns. I have such an issue with power point and new dumb song coming in, just a couple lines repeated over and over to some up beat tune. I miss the hymn sung by the choirs, especially at my grandparents church, it’s a huge choir and this may sound silly, but I can’t listen to many of the hymns without crying because they actually have meaning to them (even if not to me), but passionate songs always make me cry. So the stick is slowly removing from my rear and I’m accepting the power point, but lets just say that I was little impressed with the music. And bands in a church? don’t even get me started on that one. But the service was still good. There is only one of the “new agey” songs that I think is nice, so that’s today’s song. I tried finding some hymns on youtube, but WOW are they bad…with horribley cheesy videos with scary eyed statues.

Did I mention that I have a phobia of wax people? My buddy learned that the hard way in Singapore.

So the second part of my different day was that I’ve been craving those damn I guess that’s not sunday talk either, lol eggs benedict all week and I decided to figure out how to poach an egg, and make hollandaise sauce, and non-dairy/ non-soy chocolate pudding (not for the eggs). Thank you my faithful friend google because I got it PERFECT first time round, and second, and third!!!!! Screw easy over, I’m all poached now. It was like perfection in my mouth, so creamy with that slightly tart sauce. Yes I’m still talking my food here girls. I was so proud I even took pictures, but I’m too lazy to load them up and chances are no one but me cares.

But then I found out why Monster was acting funny. Stomach flu!!!(that’s a first).  He hasn’t moved of his own determination since climbing on the couch when we got home. So I just keep picking him up and plopping him in different places for variety. I guess the evening shall be spent in my bed with the portable dvd player, dozing in and out of reality. Upside to sick kid? Yes, I can curl up and read a lot more because he doesn’t want to do anything that involves using energy. Luckily he’s a quick recoverer. He should be fine tomorrow.

So I guess it’s back to my semi-erotic vampires having sex. Joking, the books aren’t as umphy as the show.