CD 29 HPT –

Dance party in my Kitchen! Everyone’s invited! Current moves include “dance to the pop corn” and “shake that popcorn” and last but not least “eww, that’s some stinky pop corn, I think it’s burnt”.

I warn you, I have some serious “white man” moves. Hey, we all know there is no sense of rhythm there, lol.

Ok, I’m completely trying to ignore this new change to my cycles. My temps are getting even higher so I guess The Red Lady wont be in attendance for the dance off (which is good seeing as I can’t stand up to any competition over 3 feet) .

On a funny side note: I at once point was hired to dance at a bar in Thailand they don’t check out your skills first. This simply entailed going out, passing out fliers for the bar, trying to get the foreigners to come and then getting out on the dance floor (or on the bar itself for a bit, they were trying out a coyote ugly thing) and getting everyone to join in. I was extremely successful at this. My tactics are to NOT hide my foolio dancing and then people feel sorry that I’m drawing so much attention to myself so a crowd of people that look less ridiculous forms. Success. Just a different route. How guys still managed to hit on me is beyond my comprehension. Maybe they just assumed I was plastered…then again I remember very little of those 2 weeks, lol. Thank you journal for keeping track when I was not and stay away from that much red bull and vodka (this was before my allergy had kicked in full swing, but when it was developing which explains some of my lesser issues at that time point…but I like the fact that I was in the middle of the road belting out “new york, new york” well after any alcoholic effects should have worn off…but I was asking the passer’s by for the words cause I couldn’t remember them).

It’s not helping me that I’ve never recorded a cycle of which I got pregnant during, not sure how I managed that one. So I don’t know if there is any correlation to them, or if they are just the same as every other cycle.