CD….27 nope, sorry, 28.

Hubby has been out of town for the last…since tuesday morning. It’s not that long. It’ll probably be another week. Normally I do fine with this. Me and Monster get into routine and relax. I can go all TV nazi (can’t remember who called me that…) and get him back into his books and toys and work on his school stuff. And I get the added benefit of being able to make the things that Hubby wont eat, like my home-made veggie soups. I love my veggie soups, mine, not everyone’s. Everyone tailors their cooking to themselves though and I just love my veggies…and I might put some ground beef into the one I make when this one runs out. Today I’m trying a cauliflower/ sweet potato that sounds gross…but my mom said she made one and it was awesome. I don’t go by recipes either, I’m a winger (probably explains why I don’t know spices for nothing…”paprica!”)

I got side tracked

I’m tired

Normally I sleep fine by myself. I had to get used to him being gone a lot when he first started working in oil and gas and my crazy heat problem kinda adds to the niceness of not having a heating bag beside me (although for some reason he says that I’m the furnace…I think I’ll go turn that thermostat down again. It’s getting hot in here). And you knew, for the last three days I’ve finally had a proper s[pike in my temps! WTFrack!? Just when I’m thinking I should be getting a visit from said Red Lady I get post-ov temps? Don’t you tell me that I JUST ovulated. That really chaps my ass. Does this mean I may have another week and a half to wait still? And I gave up on my OPK’s around day 20 and I did have egg-white CM after that…I think once, and It was an out of the blue style, dry before and after, random event…my body is screwing with me. again. still.

I got side-tracked again

I’m tired

So since I haven’t been sleeping particularly well the last…couple nights, I decided to treat Monster into sleeping in Mommy’s bed (aka, mama’s been reading a book that creeps her out a bit at night and needs someone in bed to get to sleep better). Since I took him off dairy and soy he doesn’t snore like a…can’t think…something really noisy that you can hear on the entire upper floor, pick one. But he just kept playing with my hair and asking me questions and be all damn cute. I should have kicked him out but I figured he’d pass out soon enough (ended up being two hrs later). I was still up reading my book and wanted to finish so I stayed up till just after one (which is only late seeing as I was already super tired) and I thought I was safe for a sleep in. I wasn’t. 8:20 “I’m hungry”, “How about lying back down and sleeping a little longer first”, “NOOOAAAWWWWWWWWWW”. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I had stabbed him. “fine, breakfast”, “YAY!” I guess he was faking that stab.

I used to be a morning person.

I’m tired.