CD 27 HPT – (no shit)

I’m grumpy. I have no reason to be, but I am. On the up side, Hubby is out of town and I don’t need to try to hide it from him (I just feel like a downer when I’m outwardly least to him). Dont you ever just want to walk up to someone and say “Take THAT!” and walk away. It’s not offensive enough to hurt their feelings (I always feel bad about hurting feelings, even a stranger) so at most they think you’re crazy… I really couldn’t care less about that. I’ve been labelled the “nut job” from day one. But I’m grumpy, and using that word makes me feel like a kid and so I want to do childish things like throw a tantrum and of course thinking of all the stupid things I’d like to do just makes me laugh. At least my grump is slightly joyful. Maybe I’ll walk around outside and keep yelling “asshat” over and over.

My acupuncturist’s goal was to level out my moods. She was afraid that with the crazy exuberance I’ve been going through that I was going to have some super crash to compensate for it. Well she sure brought me down. Go team Tonya, you win. To be fair she did say “if you want to keep it don’t get on my table”. I’m also feeling too mellow about the grump to care too much.

And you know what really chaps my ass?! When you get your nails done and they don’t paint to the edges. I’m sorry, but I can paint my whole frackin nail without painting my hands along with, you should venture forth into the world and see that it looks stupid when the nail is painted in the middle only. Quit your frackin job and get a new one. Work in fast food where they seem to encourage you to only put the condiments in the middle of the bun and have the rest bare. You shall excel.