Dr. Horrible and I have been having a lovely morning bonding. I finally have him on my ipod and so all morning he’s been singing to me (isn’t that romantic? lol). I got a few strange looks at bible study today when I’d being walking around giggling to myself or sitting there with a silly grin on my face. What’s Dr. Horrible doing at bible study? Well, I don’t choose the music of the day, it chooses me. And every time I listen to this it makes me feel like a kid. I don’t know the logic there, maybe just because it’s funny. Monster and I were also able to practice our maniacal laughter in the parking lot on the way to the car. You should try it some time, acting silly in public is oddly theraputic (like breaking into song and dance at the supermarket…you’re thinking you don’t want to come shopping with me now, is it?)

And I recall that not all the world is familiar with one of my favorite shows, so I thought I would do a little sharing. My favorite Dr. horrible parts.

And Hemlock, here’s for you