Nora Ephron was on some show a while ago…it ‘s actually amusing that I can’t remember which it was considering what I am posting. I guess she’s a…let me look here…director/ writer. She did “you’ve got mail”, of course that means very little to me. I’m one of those people who may know faces or names, but rarely put them together. Of course with her, I didn’t know face or name. What caught my attention was the book they were promoting “I remember nothing”. I just about wet my pants with that giggle. It hit way too close to home.

I don’t think I’ve explained my issue before. I have the memory of a goldfish. It’s not me being mean to myself, it’s me joking about my ridiculous memory. My crazy obsession with sticky notes? my constantly filled and checked agenda? how do I still manage to miss my MOPS meetings or nearly forget to take my son to school or (this one really sucked) miss a scheduled teaching day at work because  “no, I have that written in for Wednesday”…”It is Wednesday”.  This is why I can watch the same stuff over and over or re-read my favorite books.

At one point in the interview she was talking about seeing some woman in the mall and trying to figure out who she was. She looked so familiar and was smiling at her…and it was her sister…who she was there to meet. And then I remembered the embarrassing time when I was out dancing with my buddies and I was staring at this girl thinking “wow, she has got some amazing legs on her”…and then I realized I had been staring at my cousin for a good few minutes. Or at my dad’s funeral when I asked the man comforting me who he was…and he was my uncle. And not just any uncle, he was one of my favorites! WHAT THE HELL hey?

The upside of the issue is that I adapt instantly to new scenarios. When something changes it’s almost like it was never any other way. I get to read through my old travel journals and think “seriously!? I have no recollection of this event”. Kinda annoying at times, but I forget to be annoyed after a bit, lol.

At least I remember the big stuff…I think

p.s. what’s with all these video’s being “embedding disabled”?