CD 16 OPK-

Still, and I’ve been OPKing it twice a day for 3 days. I’ve had no spike in my temps and it seems like CM has gone away. ? Did I have an uber short window this month? A random delay on my ovulating?

I’m not loosing it, the lines on my OPKs are getting lighter. What’s with me and ovulation? I used to be a steady day 14. Was last month the beginning of some new and (very much un)improved cycles?

I’m trying to be (kinda) productive today. I spent the morning doing Monster’s school work with him (although the new joke is to pretend that every letter is a T and I ended up coming out of it covered in chalk). Then i moved on to the time-consuming but lazy task of sorting out all the new pictures on the computer so I could move them to the external hard drive hubby got me (cheaper than forever buying new memory cards for the camera) and I sat doing that for a good couple hours. Now to pick some to print for the living room wall. Ya, lame, but it’s a distraction none the less. I really just want to read but I seem to have the attention span of a nat at the moment (hence the 2 hours sorting out 1 file of pics, lol)

I’m feeling kinda silly today…but in the laziest imaginable form. So basically I keep making joke in my head and I’m too lazy to laugh at them.

So song of the day will be silly.

This brings me back to car trips with my mummy and brothers, listening to Weird Al and Dr. Demento