CD 15 OPK – (I’ll try again tonight)

It seems that my bla day has extended on. I’m going to be honest here. I’m getting pretty sick of sex. Hubby and I have been doing a pretty good job of having fun sex vs dr prescribed sex, but it’s still me continuously asking him to have sex with me. Other than one morning to cure a hangover, I can’t think of the last time he initiated sex. And he still turns me down at times. During my 2ww, there is no touching. At that point I don’t see any reason to harass him and I would rather only have sex if he wants to. but whats a TTC girl to do?

The slightly bitter part of me wants to say fuck it. I’m curious as to how long it would take for him to want to have sex or at least wonder why I haven’t been harassing him anymore. I try to make myself look nice, shave my legs, wear nicer clothes (or underwear), but I’m pretty sure that it would make no difference if I was make-up free, bristly, and a week from shower. For some reason, my hubby just doesn’t register or care.

I know he means no harm, and I doubt it’s anything personal, but seriously. I’d like to say “when it happens, it happens” but that would only be remotely doable if we didn’t have fertility issues. I’ pretty sure I have something craptastic like a 12 hour fertility window and if I don’t make it I’m hooped.

What happened to the days of not being able to keep our hands off each other?

This was one of our favorites when we were first dating. I miss those days. You know, the ones where the thought of not having sex was a nightmare instead of a relief? It’s ridiculous, but I’d like to feel like a woman, and I need some help from hubby in that department. TTC has killed my sex life.

And to any men reading this (maybe one or two, lol) go hit on your wife (girlfriend/ partner). Just for the heck of it.