CD 12

Just listen to these in the backround while you’re reading,

I have a thing for strange songs…as well as all the other strange things I like. the first time I noticed this song was towards the end of an 8 hour grinding session on World of Warcraft. It was probably around 1 or 2 am and I didn’t notice what was playing until closer to the end of the song (you will notice it has an angrier tint to it then). At that point, when my brain was less than functioning, it kinda freaked me out. I thought it was so creepy (in a funny way) that I made my buddy pause in the yeti hunt just to listen. Of course now I just think it’s cute and amusing. Strange children’s song.

That makes me think of other strange song I like. “You are my sunshine”? do you guys know what this song is actually about? We sing this to our children, or our boyfriend when we’re feeling cutesy maybe. The song is actually about a girl who left the dude for another man and he was so heartbroken that she took away his “sunshine” that he was willing to take her back and say it was all his fault that she left. He wants to let this girl walk all over him and she doesn’t even want him. Now that’s depressing.

Who have you been singing this to?

And yes, this is what my son and I listen to…along with the constant repeat of “once more with feeling”.

I love music, but it seems that I have no taste. I got used to that a LONG time ago.