This really isn’t my normal style of music…not that I really have a normal style since I listen to most anything, but I just happened to be scanning around the radio this afternoon and this came on. Wow. I doubt it will have the same effect on you, but this song really hit me. The lyrics hit home to how I have felt in the past.

my closet need a lot of cleaning now
I can’t sleep cause I don’t like the sh-t I dream about
hey Dear Lord please help me get the demons out
and then help me get my genius out
and get back to what I had
if my good’s outweigh my bads, do you think my mistakes is gonna even out

Been there? I know we’ve all made mistakes in life. Mine kept me lock in one hell of a nightmare (in my head) for a lot of years and still creep up to haunt me every once in a while. But when I made my way out, it was like coming home again. I can’t explain it very well, but maybe some of you know what I mean anyways because you’ve been in a similar spot.

Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they’ve forgiven my mistakes
I’m coming home

I don’t like rap music, but this is just beautiful to me.