I’m pretty sure I’ve done a post about laughter therapy before. And anyone reading this blog regularly will know that I’m all about relaxing, fun, laughing and just plain trying to be as stress free as I can manage life. I remember seeing some dude at the supermarket one day and he had writing tattooed across his chest. I can’t remember what exactly it said, but it was along the lines of “dont piss me off, revenge will be mine…” yada yada angry message. After asking him if I could read his chest and seeing the look on Mr. tough guy’s face expecting me to be all terrified and intimidated I just trying to suppress a giggle told him “you know you’re going to die young of a heart attack, right?” This guy was so shocked at my reaction that he immediately backed off the intimidation attempt and just stood quietly in line. Of course then I felt bad for making him feel less manly so I added, “you just need to relax”. Good looking guy though. Am I going to a special hell now? Is there a special hell for those that embarrass the poor stranger macho men that are just trying to look scary and angry? He was too pretty to be scary anyways.

But all that is beside the point. I get sidetracked easy…even by myself, yes. The point of this was about getting rid of stress (or at least decreasing it). And in our TTC journey’s it’s completely impossible to “just relax”. So I go the route of finding funny things. Funny movies, shows, jokes, friends that make me laugh, but now there is researching Israel showing that clowns may help women get pregnant! One IVF Dr followed 219 women over a year and the ones that chilled out with a clown post IVF treatment were (I think it was) 16% more likely to get pregnant. So do it! Go make yourself laugh for a while when you’re TTC. Pull out that Monty Python or Dr. Horrible or whatever it is that makes you laugh and forget about things for a little while.