CD 8

I’m proud to say that I have exercised every day this year. Ya, I know that it’s only been 15 days, but 15 days in a row is pretty damn good. Every day I’ve done at least 30 minutes on the stairmaster thingy I borrowed from my mummy and then the lovely and not in the least bit embarrassing shake weight. One day I only did the shake weight, but that was the day I had a REALLY awful migraine and I almost puked. But I was stubborn and wanted to be able to say “every day this year” since it’s more fun.

As a result of this, I’ve been thinking that I was seeming slimmer (probably would add more if I wasn’t bingeing on junk food, gotta work on that) and today when I was in town with my mummy, she gave me the “hunny, your pants  are kinda sagging in the bum” and I had notice the waist felt pretty loose. My first thought way “YAY!” but then moved to the “I just bought these jeans two weeks ago because I’d grown out of my other ones”. I guess I’ll be moving back to my old one…and it’s only one because I worn the snot out of my other favorite pair. Maybe if I keep them in freshly washed mode it wont be so noticeable.

Then again, maybe I’ll need to buy new small jeans so I have more than one pair for when I have these downward fluctuations.