CD 7

I know we have all been having a hard time lately. How can we not when we are doing everything we can to get pregnant and getting nowhere? I know there are many more out there too. But this month I’m going to try and go in with a different point of view.  Remember those good old days when you just assumed sex made babies? Before the days of needing sex, acupuncture, meds, charting, no coffee, no alcohol,  proper fitness and OKP’s  (or more)? Yes, the days where we believed that nothing can defeat the penis!

I’m going to give it another try. I’m going to chill out, try and have fun sex vs.  dr. prescribed sex, and just go with that old theory about this conquering penis. And with any luck, I’ll do a good con-job on nature and convince her of that too. And like the ignorant say “I shall get pregnant this month”. lol. Ok, they don’t say shall, but it would be funnier if they did.

I’ve been watching too much True blood in the last 24 hours and my inner monologue had become a preachy, middle-aged, southern woman. I think I prefered the company of the sassy old british man that I had yesterday.