I have a problem. It’s not a huge problem, but it’s still there. I really like watching TV series. I buy them and then watch them over and over and over. the reason I can do this is that I have the memory of a goldfish. I can watch the same thing 5 times and still forget stuff about it. I’ve watched all my Joss Whedon stuff about 5 times each….thata total of 13 seasons 5 times each. Plus i love my Battlestar Gallactica, Scrubs, Big Bang Theory, Gilmore girls, How I met your mother, and I know I’m forgetting others. I’ll watch anything so long as it comes in a series (that’s another reason I love my Harry Potter and Twilight books so much, because the story doesn’t stop after one book). I found I really will watch about anything when my hubby turned on trailer park boys and I was then required to watch all episodes of all the seasons. I’m very easily pleased and I have a thing for B quality TV (just in case you didn’t notice).

 Well, today I found a new one. People have been recommending True Blood to me for a long time now, and I just never bothered finding it and I don’t like buying shows I haven’t seen because I don’t know if I like them. But one of my cousins went on about how much I would love this show because it is so amazing (for all I know he just really liked all the sex…there is a LOT of sex in this) and that I have to watch it. So today I tried it out…and now I’m half way through the first season. I’m no half ass show watcher. I’m a power/ binge watcher. I watch a season in a couple days (would be less but I can’t be a completely neglecting mother…just a very tired one).  It’s great B quality and it makes me laugh on the inside…which is what counts I guess. So I suppose I’m a gonner for a nother day or two…unless I acquire the next 2 seasons before that.