Have you ever had a friend that when you first meet each other, you are very different people, but after a few years you realize that you are wearing off on each other? And I’m not talking about just interests here. I’m talking about “get out of my head” you separately buy the same outfits and meet up after a month apart and find you now have a very similar hair color. I like to take credit for some of the awesome that has occurred in her wardrobe like the short shorts. If you’ve got legs like she has, you have to wear short shorts. And dresses, I have introduced them in too. She has introduced a level of geekery that the guys just never could manage with me. We are a horrible influence on each other socially. We no longer communicate in proper language but now in grunts, strange noises, and Joss Whedon quotes. We’re those crazy people yelling “Marko polo” in the stores because we’re too lazy to just look for each other and, let’s be honest, it’s more fun. We look and act more and more alike over time and we each find it of strange but great amusement. She’s my best friend.

But there is always the downfall. I love her like you would not believe, but I can’t talk to her. Not about conflict or anything really awful that actually has to do with either of us. She wasn’t exactly brought up in a “share your feelings” kinda family from what I can see. This of course puts a strain on stuff when you try to talk about your miscarriage (or other issue) and she changes the subject. I’m not sure why, but she just can’t deal. She’s the one that will not say anything and just find you a distraction…but you might not need a distraction.

Then there is the next step up. “Step up from best friend” you ask? Why yes. This is the one that is around forever, no matter what. My “forever friend” for lack of better terms. I’ve known her since I was 3 years old, we’ve been through EVERYthing together, and there is nothing we can do to get rid of each other. This is a strange relationship because we have…nothing in common. We don’t like the same things, few of the same people, and have very different lifestyles. But I can talk to her about anything. Our conversations are often serious (with a permanent flow of sarcasm) and it’s a no bullshit zone, and of course we fight. She’s like my husband. Lol, I just noticed that the same description falls for both of them (minus the “since 3 years old”).  We are the friends that will never be mistaken for each other and the people who know us probably wonder why we’re friends at all.

If these two girls were the same person, they just might be perfect and then the world would implode. Friendships are so strange.