Sorry, didn’t realize I hit “publish” earlier when I was going for “save draft”.

So here is what this is about. After high school, having never seen an ocean and being dissatisfied with my general state, I decided to go to Australia. I booked myself a flight, planned to be gone 7-8 months, got my work visa, passport, saved up as much as I could working 7 days a week on three jobs for ~6 months and then I was off. I don’t think my mom believed that I was actually going untill I had her take me to the airport at 5am. In the end (of the planning part) I was going to find me a place in Oz and have a great time and in 4 months a buddy was going to join me, we’d go see his family in Adelaide and then off to SE Asia.  Well I didn’t really travel in Oz at all. When I was in Sydney for about a week, I met some nice mormon boys from Utah and they invited me to make the way north with them. We made it to our first destination where we were going to tent it on the beach but the weather made an awful turn and we ended up beaching it on the tent. We were all soaked head to toe and decided to take the first bus out the next morning. Turns out that ones of these guys was completely crazy and rude, so when we got to Surfers Paradise and got a room at a hostel, we really didn’t talk after that. I ended up befriending the bar tender there and got a staff position, and after a few weeks I rented an apartment with some of the other girls that had been working at the hostel too. So travel didn’t end up happening there, but I really loved my time in Oz.

When my buddy joined me and we took off to Malaysia, the only plan we had was to go see my friend that lived with his wife in Singapore at some point. When we woke up the first morning and left the guest house we were greeted with the smell of urine, feces, rotting meat, and a fish market. There was a man in a diaper with no eyes wandering in front of the door and not a single working pay phone. That was my first culture shock. We figured that it would be best to just go and see my buddy in Singapore right away and then we could adjust from there with some assistance. To be honest, it was a very quick adjustment, and we loved out time in each country that we visited.

As far as the “where to go” of our trip, we planned nothing. If we met people who were talking about an amazing place to go, or that they just were, we’d go. At one point I went into another country to see if my people hunting skills were any good (by the way I rock at tracking people down) and  manoeuvred surprising a friend by showing up at her guest house (yes this could be considered creepy if it’s not your friend). I didn’t look up “places to see” where we went and I went to many places I’d never heard of. It was a great way to travel. But I’d met someone with a better way.

They travelled by dice. They would make a list of places, number them, and then roll the dice. I’ve always wanted to do this, but I never had the opportunity. When I was reading this post this morning, I was reminded of my desire to do this. I don’t have to do it internationally, I can do it right in Canada, or Alberta for that matter. So I think that this summer I want to pack up my Monster and maybe my friend D (hubby would hate this trip) and just drive in a random direction, picking our destinations by a d20 (20 sided dice for the non-geeky). I think Monster will be old enough to handle at this point and I can show him the worlds largest ball of yarn or a museum of worn out shoes or just whatever random strange things that each little town in proud of. This may sound lame to many of you, but I think that this sounds like a fabulous vacation.