I know that during this TTC / recurrent miscarriages build your own adventure story, we confront many different obstacles, villains, monsters, and just plain questionable situations.

If you want to take a blind leap into the dark please turn to page 93. If you want to have a clue as to what may be happening, turn to page 71. OK, 71 it is. You find yourself sitting in a little room at a table. The walls are decorated with pictures of pretty uterus’ and a little sign that tells you that IVF is not covered by provincial health care. In walks a Robot speaking Klingon and from what little you can translate you know you are getting many many tests and that you are going to wait a very long time for the results of one of them. Six months you are told for the chromosomal blood work .

If it occurs to you at this point to ask why it takes so long turn to page 122. If you are a little lost and have only caught a fraction of the Klingon translation turn now to page 5. Oh, 5 is a nice number, such a simple number.

Now I’m going on a limb here and assuming that some of you have had chromosomal blood work done. Did it actually take this long and can anyone remember a reason as to the long delay? All I can find on google as far as results is stuff varying from 1 week to four, but nothing saying 6 months! I no longer know what I’m talking about, you guys got a clue for me? What the bleep could take so long?