Alls I can say is that I am SOOOOOOO glad to be home right now.

I had a great evening with Hubby and Monster visiting at my friends parents place (the kind of people that are essentially second parents to all the kids friends and you love them forever). We haven’t had a family dinner over there in about a year so it was very much-needed and made for a wonderful distraction from my absent visitor (totally worked hey?). It was amazing seeing them (and of course the boys all coming over for dinner too was a nice touch) and seeing as Monster is the closest thing they have to a grandchild, he gets completely spoiled and I get in crap for not coming over more often. At least when I go there they know better than to give me the “when are you having more” drills.

But then there is the drive home (50 minutes back to our town) which is normally a breeze. It was pretty foggy in town and we knew it would be worse on the highway, always is when you suddenly have no street lights. When we first got on I could see 4 lines ahead of us. I’m glad my Hubby was driving because I don’t have great night vision anyways (back fall of laser eye sugery…not horrible, but decreased). We were in his big 3/4 ton truck  and he pretty much drives for a living so it’s much better than my dinky car with crappy tires…and me driving. But then it gets worse. I’m not gonna lie here, I kinda crap my pants when I can only see 4 lines ahead of me (yes, I measure by lane division lines because that’s all you can see) but then, it gets so thick we can only see 2.5 lines ahead. That less than 1 second, and safe following distance being 3 seconds (I think I’m the only person in the country who follows that rule).  I’m doing my best not to hold the “oh shit” handle d/t I think it would irritate Hubby and when you can’t see, you don’t want an extra irritation. We didn’t even see our town untill we were already in it.

So I’m very happy to be home. Hello beautiful driveway, I could kiss you.

On a cool note, some of the cars (newer ones I guess) that we would approach, all you can see from the back is what looked like slanty red eyes. I made me this of an evil Cheshire cat. Just these hovering red eyes staring at you for the longest time till you were right by the car. Creepy.