CD 28 DPO 13

No, I didn’t bother with another HPT today. I’m still surprised The Red Lady hasn’t come for a visit. But I’m going to distract myself now.

Has anyone tried making their own cat food (this usually applies only to cat owners)? I’ve had my cats on a special diet food from the vet for at least over 5 years now and since I have three cats and can’t separate their food, the third one is getting this expensive food anyways. This is made extra annoying d/t Vito (black one-needs this food) is bulimic. Every time I turn around he’s puking. I don’t know if he eats too fast (food us usually undigested and unchewed), has a nervous tummy (you look at him funny and he pukes), or a hair ball issue because Little Girl never cleans herself and lets her brothers do all the work. Whatever the issue is, he’s had it for a loooong time and I’m sick of paying $75 for a bag of food to get puked up. I’d like to start making my food and the girl at the vet today informed me that I could actually feed them whatever I wanted if I was willing the pill the boys every day (for half the price, no, I don’t mind!). But what I’d really like to do is find a recipe so I can make my own food for them so that I’m giving them something really good for them. I’ve got a vet appointment tomorrow to check the boys and get their pills, but the vet assistant was very limited in her knowledge about homemade food…probable becasue few are willing and fewer even think of it as an option.

Anyone know anything about this?