CD 25 DPO 10

pre.s. I think I’m going to try on this writing every day thing. I dont think I’ll make it, but lets see.

I find that at the beginning of the year everyone gets very serious. It’s a look back at what has happened as well as the planning for the future. Well, I’m not a very serious kinda person. I may like to argue for the sake of arguing at times and I’m a no bull kinda girl, but overall, I just love to laugh. So I thought I’d share my newest funny story with you all.

For new years eve my hubby and I went to a friends party. There were a LOT of people I didn’t know and  two of them were “Tasty nasty” and “Slutty naughty” if I’m remembering correctly (their mother’s must be so proud). Whilst these drunken early college kids (I felt sooooo old at this party btw and I’m only 28) were trying to pick each other up I tried escaping to the upstairs where I convinced some dude that me and my brother were both named John because we had crazy hippy parents. It didn’t take much effort to convince this dude of said factoid so he must have been pretty blitzed. Eventually the party moved all to one floor (the noisy main floor) and being hard of hearing (yes, that makes me feel even older) I couldn’t hear anything but random loud noises blurring into each other. When hubby was ready to go, I was more than willing to direct his suddenly VERY drunk self to the car. We were staying at my mom’s house (they were babysitting for us) so we crawl into bed in our room while my son is in the attached one (this comes into play in a bit)

So the funny. 4:30 rolls around and hubby sits up fast in bad. Crap, he’s going to puke. Then he’s out in the hall turning on random lights. That’s bright, he’s going to wake up Monster. I’d better close his door. But when I get into the hall what I find is that the light that is on is my sons and he’s half sitting/lying trying to cover his face with a horrified look that he may have been stabbed and is pretty confused about it. So I turn off his light, close his door and go turn on the bathroom light for my hubby (Who make a similar stabbed face…and not puking for the record). After I climb back in bed I hear this shuffling. I guess he’s scooting along the wall so that he doesn’t half to turn on the lights? He comes into the room doing a sideways shuffle walk  like he’s sneaking around all mission impossible style (arms out and everything). It looked pretty funny. But then he doesn’t get into bed. He keeps going right out of the other door (two door room obviously). Is he going upstairs to get a drink? He’s going to bail on the stairs. I hear shuffle shuffle up the first part of the steps but then nothing. No door to upstairs opening. Then shuffle shuffle somewhere else but I couldn’t tell where, then nothing. Great, he’s curled up somewhere in the basement and my mummy or step-dad is going to come down for something in the morning and find naked hubby sprawled in a corner. So off I go to the rescue.

I look up the stairs and see a closed door. Ok he’s not up there. I’m looking all over the basement, not finding anything and then I find Monster’s door open. I go to close it then notice a lump…bigger than the 3 yr old lump that is supposed to be there. Tap tap (shoulder) nothing. Tap tap “What”. “Why are you in here?” (tired growl) “I’m SNUGGLING!”….alright then.

And then I went back to bed and had me a lovely sleep untill Monster woke me up at 11.

My hubby has no recollection of his mission impossible drunken sleep walk and if it wasn’t for the fact that he woke up in Monster’s bed (he originally thought that he was still in our bed and that I had switched beds with Monster for some reason) he would have thought that I made the entire thing up. I only wish I’d had a video camera.