CD 24 DPO 9

I don’t make new years resolutions. To me, it’s just one more thing to cop-out of. But with everyone making them, as they always do, and because I’ve been obsessing over this non-pregnant gut I’m starting here….I stall act as though I have made a resolution. Even though I didn’t. I found a stair master / stepper thingy in my mummy’s basement today. It’s been there for about 2 years as a hanging rack. She can’t use it because it kills her knees…which means that I may have the same problem…but I’m wanting to give it a go.

So, my plan it to use it every day for at lease 30 minutes…while watching TV.  You’re not thinking about it while watching TV, right? And then I’ll just hope my knees don’t go all stiff and swell like they do when I run (not a clue why they do that, do you?). I’m also motivated to go out and get one of those shake weights (you know the girls that look like they’re showing some dude a great time but it’s just a dumb bell). It looks funny to me, but the reviews for it are pretty good (amazon) so I think I’ll find me one. And then I can look like a freak in front of my hubby…but preferably while I’m not in front of him.