CD 22 DPO 7

Lets get a bit experimental here. And if you’re squirmy, don’t read past this.

I’ll start by explaining that I used to get chronic yeast infection. I would treat them and they would never go away. I had them so long that I wouldn’t even know I had them. Kinda like a kid with chronic ear infections is so used to them that they never react and you finally notice crap oozing out their ear. So when I got my antibiotic Rx for my HSG procedure a few weeks ago, I thought to myself “that’s asstastic, is this going to start again?”. On boxing day I noted some discomfort, the next day I realized that “yep, it’s here”. So i went to the store….but I got distracted and forgot to get myself something to treat this. “how the $^@& do you get distracted from this?” you may say, but like I pointed out…chronic, got used to it, starts to be bothersome when I’m not distracted. So after that I was really just too lazy to go back out and after that…did I mention I’m easily distracted?

So here comes the question. Anyone found any good home remedies? I’m a fan of doing things naturally and usually have a bit more luck with natural things too. Anyone tried yogurt? Not orally? Let me know if there has been anything that has really worked for you.