I just got an email from my local soap etc supply store and they are having a complete face care workshop on the 15th!! so pumped!!! Yes, some may wonder why I’m so excited but I love making my own products. I was so successful with my last soap batch…that turned out to be nice enough for a cleanser (I was trying to make a moisturizing soap to help with the dry skin/ stretch mark prevention) that it got me to thinking that I could really go for branching away from just soap. It’s not cheap, but they provide supplies and then from there I’ve got the know how to do it myself and cheaply!

Lets see here, other things that I want to learn…

how to silk screen (you knew that), how to use my telescope (because apparently you can’t just look through the damn thing), mountain climbing (the only sporty thing I’d be good at because it requires that monkey nature I was born with), Fencing / Broad sword (more keen on the broad sword, maybe d/t watching 300 too many times), scuba diving, and to become more familiar with comic books. There are (many) others, but that’s what is on the top of my head at the moment. Immersion in another culture is always fun and if I wasn’t languagely inept I’d put learn German on the list too so I could talk to my family. I’d put salsa dancing if I had any coordination, but sadly I’ve learned otherwise (that’s not exaggeration, my hubby is in full agreement. you should have heard him when I said I was doing a burlesque class for a staggette in october).