So it is officially christmas now and I’m avoiding going to bed. I’m tired, but everything has been so crazy for the last couple weeks that I just want to enjoy my quite time.

I doubt that many of you are spending christmas like me. I went against everything I was raise with and told my mummy we were spending the day at home. That didn’t get a hissy fit like I originally expected (gotta give her credit there) but I think she was originally thinking maybe everyone would just come over. I would have been ok with that, knowing everyone that would come really wouldn’t add up to a freakish amount of people and no one can tell me to get out of my pajamas at my own house. But in the end the plan was for everyone to be at my mummy’s and we didn’t change our minds about going home. I don’t think that sunk in untill we got up this evening and said “alright, we’re off, merry christmas everyone”. My mummy tried holding my son hostage with snuggles but mom trumps gramma every time for an over tired kid with a ruptured eardrum.

So off to my house I drive. And it was quiet. Ahhhhhhhhhh, so nice.

Then all there was to do was sprinkle oats outside for the reindeer, cookies and milk for Santa, stalkings filled and put the hubby to bed (he’s sick so needs to be babied). And here I am. Tomorrow (or later today more accurately) I get to sleep in, open presents, stay in my pj’s aaaaaaaaaaall day, have a brunch of anything I want, watch movies, read, maybe a little “big bang theory”, maybe a long bath with my lush, maybe some x-box, maybe a little warcraft…whatever I want. probably throw in a sleigh ride in there for good measure. And I’m making a big ass turkey dinner for just us. Because I can. Of course I’ll have to con some people over for left-overs later on, but that’s not a problem.

So whatever you are doing, have a great day and relax…and try to keep in those pj’s.