watching Mrs Miracle today and one of my cousins that I haven’t seen in …I don’t know how many years now has a small (really small) part in it. When the part comes one I turn to my son and just start bawling trying to say “look, it’s mummy cousin, that’s my cousin!” and then for some reason I just kept on bawling. WFT!? why am I crying? I like seeing my cousin in stuff, but it’s not an emotional thing, we’re not close or anything, I’m just proud of her is all. but then the crying doesn’t stop! and I’ve just spent the last 45 minutes crying. And I’m still doing it! I have NOTHING  to cry about right now. I’m having a fine day, chilling out, going to appointments, seeing my favorite dr, on my way to get stabbed a bit at acupuncture…nothing bad here. so what the f*#K! lol. I’m ridiculous.