I made it back for an acupuncture appointment today. It’s been three weeks since my last one and I was supposed to be in last monday but stupidly forgot about my appointment until after I had left town for the day. Luckily my lady was nice enough not to charge me the missed appointment fee for calling in only 3 hrs in advance (I doubt I’d get that if it happened again). This last week I’ve been sleeping awful (my herbs ran out about 1.5 weeks ago) and I’ve been getting some mild head aches so I was really happy to get back in. My hubby had gone in to see her this morning (for his 3 yr old mono) and she’s putting us both on herbs now to get us feeling fine and hopefully soon that libido might kick in there. Wouldn’t it be loverly?

So once I put Monster to bed I’ll be treating myself to some laughter therapy (hopefully) and watching some B quality comedy movies. Any of you watched “The expendables” yet? not supposed to be a comedy of course, but it gave me a good laugh. I can’t believe how old Stallone and Schwarzenegger look now. And that shot gun that blows people up in one shot with a giant splatter? man I could have fun with that on a bad day (or a good one for that matter). I wonder if there are any pumpkins left lying around…they’d make a great splat, hey?

Any recommendations for a good funny movie? obviously my standards are not too high here, I’m a big fan of Zombieland, Monty Python, Buffy, anything with sarcastic humour. Turns out I’ll really watch anything, so I discovered when my hubby sat me down to the trailer park boys (yes, it’s awful and yes, I laughed my ass off)