Along with my progesterone being good this month I actually had  a spike in my temps. But now they’re back down and today is that lovely day when I figure the Red Lady shall come to visit. I don’t know when really, but my last cycle was 27 (on BC for 7? months before that) and my pre-miscarriage cycles (for the last miscarriage) we’re 25 days. I guess technically there is no saying that today is the day, but with the temps and time…here I wait. And I don’t get any warning signs. whats up with that. It’s just “ha HA!” then comes the bloat and back cramps. Sadly I did a HPT on both 25 and 26 (for wishful thinking) and they were both  VERY negative (big shock).  I don’t feel pregnant at all (shocking) and I just want the Red Lady to come and get her visit over with. And when the cramps and bloating come I have the consolation prize of cleaning the litter box!

And now to overhaul clean the house for my in-laws coming (my version of over haul is probley less than yours). I think I shall pull my boyfriend Jack (Johnson..oh ya, we’re tight like this) off the ipod for a listen.