Ok, i’m day 25 in my cycle. Last time I was pregnant I got a positive on this day…but I was also on a 25 day cycle at that point….But I also should have ovulated around that same point as I still am now…

I’m so impatient. But i honestly don’t think I’d be pregnant, what with the issues that me and Hubby were having earlier in my cycle. I had one chance before I ovulated and that was it. And I keep crying for no reason and I’m feeling pretty tired again (not quite pre acupuncture, but definitely noticeably less umph that the beginning). But all this can easily be explained by the fact that the extra stress of trying is making me cry more (I have to say more because I always cry for no reason…often during cartoons theme song…danm that “my friend rabbit” lol, but this is still an increase from my normal crazy) and as far as tired it could just be that I’ve leveled out. Before it was such a jump to feel good that I was bouncing off the walls. Why can’t we just ovulate, find out if we’re pregnant and then move on to the next cycle (if we’re not). I hate this waiting.

HAHAHA!!! I just got a call from my dr (didn’t expect that but he’s always welcome) to tell me that my progesterone is at 29 this time round (versus the 7.5 last cycle) YAY!!! not that it means I’m pregnant, but that if I was my progesterone wouldn’t be a problem right now. I love my Dr!!! I’ve never had one call me at home to give me results and check up on me untill him. Best Dr Ever.