on a totally unrelated topic….

How on earth can a fish tank be so expensive to get going? My best friend gives me this 10 gallon tank from when she was a  kid. It has all the accessories and all i had to replace was the heater, a light bulb, get a thermometer, water treater and a couple of decorations that Monster picked out (a skull and a sunken ship…yep, he’s definitely my son). That rang up at $60!!!! and that’s not even with fish! So I’ve had this running for about 4-5 days now so when I drove to town to see my parents I figured today is a good day to get some fish (we have no pet store in town and Wal-Mart doesn’t sell them anymore…something to do with people not wanting dead fish). So I’m planning on getting him 2 fish and my mom wants to get him one too. nice right? 3 fish for an almost 3-year-old. sounds good enough to start with to me.

Well i seem to have forgotten the golden rule of if you want to go minimal, don’t bring my mother. “This one is soooo cute”, “yep, you can get him that one”, “I love angel fish” “mom that’s not an angel fish, that’s a fancy gold-fish.” “OH and that one is soooo cute too.” “if you want more mom than you’re paying for it”. “what about those ones?”. “they will eat the others. they are kinda like paranas. Here are the angel fish”, “No I don’t like those, I like the other angel fish.” “mom, those aren’t angel fish, they are just a different kind of goldfish. Stop calling them angelfish, you’re mixing me up. Where are the guppies?” “what about one of those bottom feeders?” “the plecostomus?” “ya” “no, I’m going with snails…LOOK A FROG!”

The poor sales dude was dealing with this very well, the constant back and for with mind changing and us forgetting where the ones we wanted were. I’m sad to say the “look at that one”after a few too many times sunk in and I turned into a child. I ended up walking out of there with three guppies (one male two females), a frog, and a snail. My mom ended up with two “angelfish” and two algae eaters (she was dissatisfied with my snail even though it mates with itself and there will be many in there eventually). So three fish turned into…8 and a snail. And I had to buy three types of food (only to see that the guppies happily eat the goldfish food) and some filter refills. There goes another $40! I can’t imagine how much this would have been if we didn’t already have most of it from D.

And on the snail note…

D and I were talking about how snails can have babies all by themselves. Isn’t that just extra unfair? Here we have to find a suitable companion (ok, donor works too so this is an optional step) and then we have to make sure that both partners are fertily functioning (for lack of better term) and then we have to hope if we manage to conceive that we can also manage to stay pregnant. How much easier would it be as a snail. “hello me! How am I doing? I’m fantastic. Do I come here often? Wow I look hot in this shell. wwoap there’s a few babies”.