So I’ve had a little time to reflect on what she told me and to look up what I didn’t understand (which I still don’t totally understand but what can you do). I have to laugh going back and looking at my old post saying “she seems pretty nice” because I’ve obviously gotten past that one and forgotten any niceness I thought was there at the time. But that can happen with frustration.

So the first miscarriage she said was an unknown. There was a heartbeat and then there wasn’t. There could be many reasons there. But the second miscarriage, the blighted ovum (I can’t help but think of warcraft here – Blight is the term for the physical corruption of the land by the presence of the Lich King‘s undead plague…yes I’m a geek…FOR THE HORDE!!!) was a definite chromosome abnormality.

As far as the balanced translocation goes this is what I found. Balanced Translocation simply means that pieces of your chromosomes were rearranged but no genetic material is gained or lost in the cell. This is something that shows no obvious symptoms (other than higher risk of miscarriages / recurrent miscarriages). In theory, assuming your partner has a normal karyotype, 25% of all pregnancies you produce should be normal genetically and healthy, 25% should have the same translocation that you have and therefore still be born healthy, 50% will have an unbalanced translocation and be destined either to never implant, or to miscarry (or have severe birth defects she said). So then the thing to work out is if you can keep trying and deal with potentially many losses in order to get the children you want. I don’t know how many losses my hubby and I can deal with. I hope that this isn’t the problem.