So, an update on the tea. This mix is supposed to build up that there uterus. It’s one of the better tasting ones according to my acupuncture lady, which, really, it’s not awful. On the other hand, it’s not great. It has a sweetness to it, but the main taste is kinda fungusy. Kinda like mixing dry mushrooms and goji berries (i know, doesn’t sound great). I’ve been adding extra goji berries into the tea to help assist with the flavor (makes it much better) and I’ve left a message with my lady to see if that’s a big no-no or not. I’m hoping it’s all good seeing as she told me that having the goji berry tea would be good for me every day. She should get back to me this morning sometime. I’m having to take two scoops twice a day (they are very tiny scoops) for a week and a half. Other than that, I just have to guard it from my son who keeps climbing on the counter trying to see what’s inside. Apparently showing him wasn’t good enough. I’m going to walk into the kitchen and find this stuff sprinkled over everything at some point.

On another note about my acupuncture, I’m still migraine and head ache free and I’m starting to feel normal temps (or at least a little closer). Not a hot flash to be found, and I’m starting to feel when it’s cold in my house (rather than just bundling up my son and strutting in shorts and a tank top). And I’m starting to sleep shorter hours and feel more rested. Pretty good perks I’d say.