I went to the Dr on Monday trying to be proactive about my fertility (and maybe a little paranoid some may say) but I had decided that I’m not waiting around anymore. At the first sign of anything, or if I have any questions now, I’m just strolling on in (in the “make an appointment” sense). I can’t help but wonder if the staff thinks I’m nuts seeing me (non-sick me) there three times in the last three weeks. I printed off my fertility chart as it was so far this month and brought it in. I showed him, and explained what I was doing, and told him that I think my progesterone levels are too low and asked him to do blood work. This was day 24 and I know it’s supposed to be a day 21 test, he said it would still be fine. I was sent for the test and told to come in at lunch the next day so he could give me the results and tell me if I was pregnant. Pregnant? I’m wasn’t due for a week? but he said that the blood work will still show already way before the home tests can. So then I have that extra little nervous of I’m going to find out if I had any luck this month.

I didn’t tell my hubby about the pregnancy test (mostly because I was sure that it would be negative but also because I didn’t want him to see my wishful thinking stressiness). So the next day (yesterday) after dropping my son off for his FIRST DAY of PRESCHOOL! (big step, I’m sad/ excited) I ran off to the Dr’s office. In my little room the door opens, his head pops in, he stares at me for a sec “good, keep reading, I can’t find it” and he’s off again. After about 15 minutes he’s back in with a not very pleased look. “I found it, it’s still at the lab, and I cant get the results untill it goes to the city”. So as a “just in case”, he gives me a prescription for progesterone (which he had been planning on doing anyways when we were going to start trying again) and promised to call me when he got the results, even if there was nothing to report. No word all yesterday and if I hadn’t been so sure of a double negative answer, I’d have been more impatient.

This morning I get a private call (thinking it’s my in-law’s) and hear an unexpected young man’s voice talking about a big line up (???) so I laugh and tease the stranger. Pretty sure I had him very confused. At least he knew my voice cause he jumps right into “you’re not pregnant”. So now I realize it’s my dr, and then comes the “Buuuttttt, your progesterone levels are well below what they should be. 7.5 (honestly this ment nothing to me). Looking them up now, at that point they should have been above 15. so ya, “well below” is accurate. But since I’m not pregnant, no point in the progesterone so I’m supposed to just hold onto it for the next cycle. And during my next cycle, I’ll have gotten into the fertility specialist.

So that’s two downers. But on the positive note, If my miscarriages were due to my progesterone being too low, at least that give us something to work with.