I went back for my second appointment this morning.  I have to say that I’m already encouraged to keep seeing this woman. I can’t say that my sleep has gotten drastically better (or that I’ve really noticed a change at all), but I have officially gone a week without a migraine or headache!!!! That is so amazing for me. And I’ve been feeling pretty good for the last few days especially. I don’t know if that is an acupuncture side effect, or just the sub-side effect of going so long without wanting to cut out the right side of my head. I’m loving whatever she’s done.

So this time going in, no panic attack, no hyperventilating, no “am I going to faint?”. I was cool as a cucumber. yay for having gotten past the scary part. I trust her now. But of course now she wants to get a bit more “vigorous” with the needling. Instead of the 5 Barbie needles of last time she used the next size up, 3 in each leg, 1 in each hand, 1 over my uterus (yay for the uterus!), and the 1 on top of my head again. So 10 today. Working on getting my blood flowing (especially to that there uterus) and on Wednesday I’m picking up some lovely (likely gag worthy) tea to help build it all up down there. To be honest, I understand none of this chi and essence talk, so I’m not able to pass on all the proper details of what she says she’s doing, but I’m just going with it. And hey, if I ever think “is this really doing anything?” I need only take notice of this non-crippled head of mine.

oh, and, not a hot flash in a week either!