After our second miscarriage (over 6 months ago) my Dr sent out referral after referral to different specialists. Not one of them came back positive. They all said we were not proper candidates for them (because we had one live child). It killed me to hear it. They were declining us due to having our son and “only two miscarriages”. Why would we have to lose another child before they would see us? It left me very bitter and scared.

This morning I received a call from what I assumed was work (same starting didgets as the health region I work for) only to hear “Hi….from the regional fertility program… have a referal….are you still interested?”. Am I interested?!?!? I started bawling on the phone. I couldn’t help it. “yes, YES!”. She felt horrible when I said that I thought we were declined by them as well as all the other referrals.

I’m beyond happy right now. I feel like I could run and just keep running. I’m doing crazy pacing around my house trying to hold in the excitement. FINALLY! someone will see us. I called my mom (still crying) to tell her my news, she’s pretty pumped with me.

I know that this makes no guarantees. This doesn’t mean that we will not suffer another loss, that we will ever be able to successfully complete another pregnancy and give our son the little brothers and sisters we (and he) want, but it’s one step closer to finding out if there is a reason for the miscarriages. To know if there is something wrong with one/ both of us. To know if there is something we can do.

This is the best news I could get aside from being pregnant, and now if I get that better news, it will be a lot less stressful.