I’ve gotta say, I really don’t think that I ovulated. I got a positive on my ovulation strip 2 days in a row, then it went to a negative and “ok, that’s done with for this month”. so then I waited for my basal temp to go up. And waited. And waited. Still nothing. I’ve read that charting and OPK’s are only supposed to be out by 3 days max to be accurate. So did I not ovulate?

I’ve long suspected that I don’t ovulate on my right side. My first 2 pregnancies were from my left ovary and I haven’t yet found out about my 3rd (I was a little too stunned to ask when she shooed me over to emerg). I had a dermoid cyst removed from my right ovary last year (you know those funky ones that can grow hair, teeth and their own thyroid?) and I asked if that could have been preventing me from ovulating that side, but they said it was less likely. So if I was right in the first place, and if I’m currently not ovulating on that side, then we know it wasn’t the cyst for sure. The reason I suspected right side for this month was that when I was supposed to be ovulating I was getting definite pain on my right site (and then all the other signs of nature went away), plus now that I have no rise in my temp and an old habit of “that damn right ovary!”. I’m trying to get into my Dr to get my progesterone tested to see it I did ovulate, but I’ve heard that your supposed to go in day 21 (providing you’re a stereotypical 14 day ovulation,which this month I was)…but I can’t get in until day 23. Is that going to mess things up? Has anyone else gone for this test? 

This is so frustrating. I want my temps to be wrong. I want to say “this dollar store thermometer sucks” but I know that the dollar store pregnancy tests are just as good as the rest of them, so how hard is it to get a thermometer right? And of course I want to be wrong about my ovary, but it would explain why (one reason) it takes so long to get pregnant when keeping close tract of everything. Only 6 windows a year instead of 12. And for some, each window is a LOT smaller than others.