Ok, I went in there, had to fill out the novel of paperwork of a first visit and by the time I was going into her office I was starting a panic attack, sweating, and felt like I just might faint. “wow” I’m thinking “Isn’t this a huge overreaction?” but logic holds little place in my world. The girl treating me could obviously see what was going on and tried settling me  with “it’s ok, we don’t have to use needles, there lots of other things we can try”. But ridiculous as I can be, I’m also very stubborn. “Nope, just do it, I’m not going to have gotten this worked up for nothing.”

After an hour of talking and going through my history (and I must say, by now I’d calmed down considerably) I laid down on the table to let her stab me. And she pulls out needles that you’d think Barbie would use. A little giggle there, minus that they were needles, they were so CUTE! Anyways, she said that my body was exhausted and that before anything else could be handled, we have to get that under check. She stuck a needle into each hand, each foot and one into the top of my head (didn’t even feel that one until she tapped it).

Now I’m thinking ” that was almost non-existent, I can finally let go of the fear and stress of this” YAY. She turns off the lights, tells me to say here and relax, then I have ~15 or so minutes of quite. But now I’m getting curious about these needles so I move my hands around a bit (ok, feel a bit of a nerve in my right hand, weird) and continue to relax. When she came in to take them out I waved at her and got the “don’t move, you could hit a nerve” oops, I think I’ve already done that, hope that’s not a big deal…

I’m going to book another appointment next week and then she’s going to try and put a concoction of chinese herbs together for me to make an awful twice a day tea.

I had to giggle after. I felt SOOOOO sleepy. she said that’s pretty normal (and not bad since she said we need to get my body rested) and then told me to get some rest and “If you feel like crying, just go for it, let it go, and then have a great sleep”. I thought that was odd, but figured it was a joke about the fact that any silly thing makes me cry (anything really sad, happy or emotional in general…or the intro to “My friend Rabbit” on treehouse TV) but then I went to pick up cat food on the way home and was talking to the clerk  (in the I’m so tired now that my tongue feels too big for my mouth, kinda way) and she said that she used to get acupuncture as a teen “and it always made me really tired and then I’d have a huge cry, and then I’d feel like a million bucks”. Lol, good to know, I guess is wasn’t a joke.

Now I have to hang in until nap time. And Monster doesn’t even appear remotely tired…this may be a long day. Lets hope it’s migrain free.