First thing I have to say it that I am…casually terrified of needles. Great at giving them, but don’t you bring that thing towards me unless you want to see me cry…like a bit of a sissy. hey, we all have our quirks. And at least I have the legitimate reason that as a child getting blood work done, it always went wrong. Anywhere from techs that REALLY suck at what they are doing, veins nearly bursting, needle in (and you can see it’s in the vein) but no blood coming out, having to be stabbed a billion times for one vial, and twice TWICE I’ve had needle break after insertion! And when these things happen and they don’t get what they want, they make you come back later to be tortured again (once you’ve relaxed some).

So when my girlfriend calls me up to say she heard about acupuncture to help fertility I wasn’t very keen on the idea. After her harassing me (a lot) i figured I’d at least look it up. To my surprise, there was actually stuff about acupuncture for miscarriage prevention – one link is below. Ok, this has my attention, but I still don’t want to do it. It helped that I had that handy (yet kinda flimsy) excuse of not being able to take my toddler to an appointment with me in the city since I don’t currently have a babysitter. Yet she kept on it (she can be very persistent at times).

Then the other day I get a call from her, “guess what we’ve just got in town?”. I was really hoping she’d say a shoe store. “we have an acupuncturist starting at one of the chiropractor offices”. 4 chiropractor offices and no shoe store. So then she gives me the lack of excuse “you book an appointment and I’ll babysit”.

When this all started a few months ago, I wasn’t even ready to start trying to get pregnant again. But now I am, and like I said in a previous post, I’m willing to try about anything to make it work. But I’m REALLY not good with the idea of somebody coming at me with a crap load of needles! And then my mom laughed at me (ok, so I’ve laughed at her too at times). But SHE KNOWS my fear! And I understand, it’s irrational, very little bad has happened to me with needles as an adult. And the few people I’ve talked to about this have all told me that it’s no big deal and you can barely feel it and have really encouraged me to try it out. Even with my parents, husband and friend urging me on I’m still really nervous. But it’s booked, so I’m going. Seriously though , I’ve been dreaming about it at night, not a good start. Who’s going to hold my hand while I get stabbed? lol.