It became pretty well-known at work (where I very seldom happen to be d/t being an at home mom) that I REALLY want more children. And living in a small town, they tend to pay a little closer attention. I’d get frequent “you pregnant yet”, and “are you still trying” and then the really fun “I thought you were pregnant when i saw you last?”. These people had (some unknowingly) seen me through 2 miscarriages and a lot of tying. But one of my coworkers suggested ovulation strips. Are you kidding? those cost a fortune (I’d never be able to stick to the 5 strips it gives you a month). But she found them on eBay for $1 for 30 ovulation strips and 10 pregnancy tests and only $5 shipping. can I express how much I loved this girl at that moment! So I order 2 packs.

And now I’m using them. And as I knew, I didn’t have the patience to wait untill the suggested day to start using them, but who care! they we really cheap. My logic – what if I ovulate early? my Dr once suspected that I  did. So I can indulge my impatience here and just do it. but…nothing yet.

And I must say, it’s kinda awkward doing a pee test with a toddler cheering you on. “yay, mommy, you peed, good job!”