My first pregnancy was great, so when we went to try for a second child, we didn’t have many worries. When I became pregnant, we were ecstatic, but there was something hesitant in me. I just didn’t feel quite right. Things seemed to be progressing well at our early dating ultrasound but, still, I didn’t feel right. My wonderful doctor (who actually pays attention to the things I tell him) said he would keep an eye on me and sent me for semi-regular blood work. Even though everything else looked good, the blood work started showing that my beta hCG levels where going down and my doctor tried to prepare us for the worst. After a month and a half of stress, tests, ultrasounds and waiting, the inevitable finally happened. It was horrible (that’s an understatement). I had lost my little girl. We had her cremated and I keep her in a ring on my right hand. Darla should have been born January 2010.